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Commercial Landscaping Design and Xeriscaping

Having a vast and lush green lawn is hard on the wallet and time-consuming with landscape maintenance. Denver’s semi-arid climate is not exactly the most ideal environment for grassy hills and little shade. For commercial properties and commercial property managers, there might be some relief in cost and landscaping maintenance by exploring xeriscaping. Xeriscaping made popular back in the 80s, saves water by omitting a large portion of water-dependent plants, like replacing grass with substrate and sparsely placed drought-tolerant plants. Let's take a closer look at commercial landscaping design and xeriscaping.

A Commercial landscape doesn't have to be all or nothing

First things first, the landscaping for your commercial property doesn’t have to be completely converted from grass to rocks. It is a common conception that a landscape has to be completely transformed for it to be a legitimate xeriscape that helps conserve water. In reality, it is much more reasonable to build a commercial landscape design that has both grass in some areas and xeriscape in others. It is hard to deny people the appeal of green grass and colorful flowers, so by installing xeriscaping in a mix of sections on the property a balance can be created. There is still water conservation being done with a partial landscape design like this and it truly does help with cost and resources.

Xeriscape still needs water and landscape maintenance

Just because xeriscaping looks like nothing but rocks and shrubs doesn’t mean they can thrive all on their own. Many of the plants that are used are drought resistant but will require regular interval watering via an irrigation system or above-surface watering - albeit much less frequently. Also, the substrate that makes up most of the xeriscape surface will need landscaping services that include cleaning up, redistributing soil, and replacing substrate. This is because regular foot traffic, weather conditions, and other daily occurrences will cause wear and tear in the area. A commercial landscape maintenance contractor will be able to detail the services and schedule that would best suit your property.

Xeriscaping is more than just rocks

Denver has many native plants that would fit perfectly in a xeriscape section of a commercial property. Moreover, plants and shrubs in general can come in varieties that both are drought tolerant and flowering. This provides even more options for the landscaping design to incorporate beautiful colors throughout the area. Just be sure to have a professional handle the selections as the whole point of xeriscaping is to create a more resource-manageable landscape. Adding different varieties that could compete with each other or clash in overall upkeep - is creating more work for landscaping maintenance and ultimately costs more money.

Plant Select is a program that is operated by Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado State University, and experts in the local horticultural industry. It aims to showcase plants from the Rocky Mountain region and the plains states that have the ability to withstand high altitudes and harsh conditions.

Consult with a professional landscape maintenance company

Commercial Properties all over Denver, Aurora, and more will have different needs when it comes to their landscape design. Consulting with a professional landscape maintenance company will help property managers determine what is the best fit for them. Vista Landscape Development has years of experience providing quality and insightful services like landscape installment, fence installation, irrigation system installation and repair, and commercial landscape maintenance contracts. If you are unsure where to start on your commercial property’s landscape, reach out to Vista for a free consultation or referral!

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