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Denver Landscape Development Back To School Tips

It's August already if you can believe it. For Denver, Colorado that means a few hotter months but things are starting to wind down. For most families, the kids are going back to school. That leaves Denver homes all over the metro area without the daily wear and tear on the landscaping. This is a valuable opportunity for those who need to update or simply upkeep their landscaping and lawns. Vista is here to give you a quick checklist of proven Denver Landscape Development tips for when the kids return to school.

Seed the bare spots

Kids can run circles around adults all day. With that boundless energy spent daily for backyard antics, the lawn most likely took some damage. Denver Landscape Development insider tips suggest that you lay down some grass seeds in areas of the lawn that look barren. Why now? Well, there is plenty more Summer weather to come which is perfect for grass to grow quickly. Also, the kids are back in school which means the lawn is going to be spared some hours of rest.

Pay attention to your irrigation system

The long days are starting to fall behind us for the year. Sundown is coming sooner and that will ultimately change your watering schedule for your home’s irrigation system. Make sure to keep a close eye on your irrigation system when dealing with the automatic timer. More importantly, make sure to inspect sprinkler heads, lines, and connections. There is no telling what trouble the kids have gotten into. If any part of the irrigation system is failing or broken, that is costly water being wasted. Vista Landscape Development is more than happy to help replace and update your landscape’s watering system.

Redesign Your Landscape with a Landscape Development Company

Finally, following the topic of this article, with the kids away at school, now is the time to down any major landscape development projects. Always wanted that fire pit in the middle of the yard? Get a Denver landscape development company like Vista to do it! Does your backyard need more privacy and shade? Have a landscape development company find the best trees and shrubs for the job that are native to Colorado’s environment.

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