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Denver Landscape Development Tips To Keep Your Grass and Plants Thriving

The hotter weather days are upon us all. Denver, Colorado just reported its first 100-degree temperature day of 2022 last weekend and will surely not be the last. As the warmer days roll out, people with their friends and family will want to spend their time enjoying the lovely Denver landscape of their homes and public spaces. For many people, summertime is the best time of the year to enjoy the landscape of their own home - but Denver and Colorado can prove to be a challenging environment for grass and plants to survive. Being higher in elevation means being closer to the sun, and drier, and it takes a lot less to scorch a plant. For the sake of your Denver landscape and yard, here are some summer landscape tips that will let you enjoy your landscape and make sure it will survive throughout the summer. If these don’t work or you need extra help, always call on Vista Landscape Development for all of your Denver Landscape needs.

Spring into action before Summer

It's not Summer yet. The official start of Summer is June 21st, which means there is still enough Spring left for you to get your yard, landscape, and more prep. The perfect Summer yard always needs a little TLC during the Springtime. The best chores you can do for your landscapes are removing dead or rotten debris, applying pesticides, applying herbicides, and seed grass where needed. Your Denver landscape will need plenty of room to grow, feed, and breathe. Nothing can do that if that giant fallen tree branch from the last snow squall is still laying around. Remove that debris from your Denver landscape. Secondly, apply chemicals. Safe chemicals for your landscape and lawn of course - but it is important to spray herbicides and pesticides to keep your landscape pristine as seasonal factors start to emerge (pests, weeds, etc.). Of course, applying new seeds. This is the best time to get seeds down, especially where the lawn is looking a little barren.

Denver landscape needs smart watering

Denver has been experiencing drier and dier Summers. This means that watering a lawn or landscape must be done efficiently for the sake of safety and sustainability. According to Denver Water, most any lawn should be watered is twice a week throughout the Summer. A provisional extra watering can be done if the weather has been especially brutal.

For standard lawn care and watering, sprinkler and irrigation systems should be active for no more than 30 minutes on average. The longer you have water running the more cost and use will build-up for the maintenance of your landscaping. If your home or business is suffering from outdated or non-existent irrigation systems, you should look into installing one. Irrigation systems help conserve water and also ensure your lawn and landscape are taken care of. These can be valuable assets to properties where the inconvenience of watering is great. Ask Vista Landscape Development for more information and a quick easy estimate!

Denver Landscape Requires the Right Fertilizer

The right fertilizer is essential to maintaining the appearance and health of your lawn, but too much fertilizer, or the wrong kind, can do more harm than good. In the summertime, the best broad option will be a slow-release fertilizer with lower nitrogen content, but make sure to understand your grass’s specific needs to make the right choice. Likewise, different types of grass need different nutrients to thrive over the course of a long, hot summer. Make sure to choose an appropriate plant food.

When in doubt contact Vista Landscape Development

Sometimes getting a little professional is all a home or business needs when it comes to keeping the grass green and water bill down. Vista Landscape Development is happy to serve Denver and the surrounding neighborhoods with amazing landscape services. Take a quick minute to reach out to us for more information and easy estimates for everything your landscape needs. Sod installation, lawn care services, landscaping installation, irrigation system install, and even concrete for patio sidewalks and drives! Vista Landscape Development is your natural solution!

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