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Do I need a permit for landscape development?

Many homeowners and businesses pride themselves on taking immaculate care of their landscaping and lawns. From choosing the right plants, trees, and shrubs to planning out beautiful patios and walkways; homeowners have a wide range of projects to choose from. But what can homeowners and businesses do on their own? A part from planting flora and choosing lawn furniture, not a lot. That is why landscape development companies and professional landscaping contractors are here to help with the more complicated projects. The city of Denver has a fair amount of common outdoor residential projects that single-family homes and businesses will need permits. The best way to get a permit for landscape development is to reach out to Vista Landscaping Development and other landscaping companies that are licensed.

What outdoor projects require a permit?

Here are some projects that you will need to hire a licensed landscape development company or landscaping company to pull a permit for landscaping development:

  • Awnings

  • Brickwork

  • Carports

  • Decks and porches

  • Driveways and parking pads

  • Fences

  • Patio Covers

  • Patio Enclosures

  • Retaining Walls

  • Sidewalks

  • Sprinkler systems

  • Trees

Do I need a permit for planting trees?

That is correct, if your landscaping vision involves any type of tree you will need a permit for landscaping development that is approved by the City Forester. The city of Denver’s Office of the City Forester is in charge of all street trees in the Denver area, which includes planting, replacing, removing, and pruning. Fortunately, for this particular item, anyone can request a permit from the City Forester. However, make note that the larger the project the more likely hiring a licensed contractor will be necessary.

Do I need a permit for a sprinkler system?

Yes, you do need a permit for landscaping development in order to install a sprinkler system. Interestingly, if you as a homeowner wish to install the sprinkler system yourself the City and County of Denver will require a Homeowners exam to be taken. At that time you will need to demonstrate proficiency in the specific trades required for the project. If passed, the city will award a plumbing permit for the installation of a sprinkler system. This adds quite a considerable amount of time to a project and some homeowners might not have the technical expertise to pass. Therefore, the other option is to hire a plumber or landscaping contractor to perform the work for you.

Do I need a permit for installing a patio?

If you are in the market for a landscape development company or landscaping designer, you might be interested in redoing or adding a patio. In Denver, all covered patios, porches, pergolas, and carports are required a zoning and building permit for landscaping development. However, if you are installing a concrete fixture that is at or just above grade (ground level) you will most likely not need a permit. Still, don’t forgo checking in with the necessary authorities about your project or you might have a costly mistake to fix later down the road. Vista Landscaping Development has installed many concrete walks, steps, and patios to complement the great landscape designs that were built. If you are unsure about what steps are necessary go ahead and reach out to

for a free estimate and consultation.

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