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Home Landscaping in Extreme Heat

The previous months brought near-record rainfall and moisture to the Denver metropolitan area which undoubtedly helped grow our lawns and landscapes green. But in the recent weeks here in July, Denver has experienced record heat and temperature that are turning our turf and plants brown. Taking care of your yard and landscaping is difficult during severe storms or heat waves, but even more so when you have to prepare for both. Let’s look at information for home landscaping in extreme heat and severe storms as they will continue throughout the rest of the summer.

  • The average cost for landscaping here in Denver is $12,000

  • Water your grass and plants during the early morning or late evenings

  • With long stretches of heat, plants, and grass become stressed making them susceptible to drying out, pests, and disease.

  • Hanging plants, railing pots, and other small planters dry out quicker and will need more attention.

Home landscaping can be expensive

In order to combat the extreme heat and weather, lawns and landscapes need to be adequately cared for. It goes without saying, this includes using a lot of water and with Summer watering restrictions in place by Denver Water, that effort can quickly add up. One of the main rules for watering your landscape and plants during the Summer, especially during heat waves, is to water at the right times. Watering your grass and plants during the early morning or late evening is best. There are a few reasons for this, 1) watering at non-peak hours of the day lightens the stress of your local water supply, 2) watering when the sun is not present or temperatures are cooler will allow lawns and plants to retain more moisture, 3) Denver Water actually has restrictions to watering during the day and going against them will result in fines.

If you have a hard time watering your plants and garden at the right times, Vista Landscaping offers smart irrigation systems with modern timers and controls. By installing these, your landscape will be guaranteed the optimal watering time every day. Not only that, these automatic timers and programs will save you the hassle of watering your lawn by hand or hose. Even more, Denver Water typically offers rebates to homeowners who are looking to install these eco-friendly water-conserving systems. The rebates might help balance the cost of installing a new irrigation system! Reach out to Vista Landscaping for more information about irrigation system installs.

Extreme heat stresses plants and grass

It's no surprise that these heatwave temperatures have the potential to scorch your home landscaping. Leaving plants and flowers wilted along with brown desert-like lawns. Even a small period of time where plants and lawns are left thirsty can spell out disaster for the rest of the season or beyond. Extreme heat stresses plants and grass, this happens to leave them susceptible to disease and pests. That is why sometimes on the surface grass and landscaping seem healthy but there is a deeper problem rooting itself. Eventually, these problems and pests will grow out of control and take out your beloved greenery. Following Denver Water’s guidelines for adequate watering schedules should be just enough to get your landscape through the fire and flames. However, if wilting is happening before your eyes, Denver Water does allow periodic supplementary watering in case of emergencies. You can find the guidelines here on their website but the gist is you are allowed one extra watering session on top of the two days allowed during the week to help get your landscape up and away from the brink.

If you suspect your landscape is under attack or threatened by extreme conditions, it never hurts to get a professional’s opinion. Vista Landscaping has provided solutions to landscaping maintenance problems for years. Our expertise can help solve nearly any situation. Even if your landscaping is too far gone, we can assist in planning, ordering, and installing new landscape features like sod, irrigation systems, planters, trees, and concrete. Making sure your property’s landscape is ready for the next wave of heat and seasons!

Take care of your home landscaping or it will cost you

As mentioned in the Fox 31 Denver article, landscaping in Denver costs an average of about $12,000! That is a sizable amount of change when it comes to grass and flowers. This is why home landscape maintenance is so important for homes and businesses. The cost and effort to effectively water, care, and maintain landscaping is far more manageable than installing a new feature. However, Vista Landscaping is always ready to provide a hassle-free estimate to repair or replace your landscape features. Common trends in the industry have pointed out that landscaping costs $4 to $12 per square foot. Your project will vary depending on the quality and species of grass, plants, trees, and shrubs. Also, do not forget that this is the perfect opportunity to install patios and concrete hardscapes. So if you find your landscaping unsalvageable, just know there is a silver lining and the opportunity to uplift and beautify your surroundings. Vista Landscaping can provide a design-build landscaping project that will bring higher quality service and a finished product.

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