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Landscape Maintenance and Repair After a Winter Storm

A large winter storm has just swept through most of the United States, while the northeast part of the Country was hit the hardest, or home also saw some impactful winter storm conditions. Denver and the rest of Colorado saw an amazing plummet in temperatures Wednesday through Thursday, where during the day 50 degrees were recorded only to see freezing temps and record lows merely hours later. While many of us were sheltered away in the warmth of our businesses and homes, our landscapes and lawns might have suffered. Sudden changes in temperatures and freezes are very taxing on our landscapes.

Landscape Maintenance means preparing for winter weather

Businesses that need to have landscape maintenance handled regularly will be familiar with contracting a trustworthy landscape contractor who is there to handle every season of the year. Landscape contractors such as Vista Landscape Development are much more than landscape construction companies who simply build beautiful features for commercial buildings. These types of commercial landscape companies are available for landscape maintenance and repairs through seasonal contracts. They are charged with preparing the ground’s features for whatever season and needs they have including planting new foliage, maintaining irrigation, fertilization, and even snow removal. These commercial landscape companies will be able to perform pre-winter preparations and will help save your business’s landscape from significant winter damage:

  • Removing debris from the landscape

  • Mowing grass a shorter than normal length

  • Aeration and fertilization

  • Mulching for insulation

  • Applying anti-desiccant to protect trees and bushes from snow, ice, and wind

Landscape Maintenance and repair clean up debris

Landscape maintenance and repair after a winter storm means cleaning up debris that was brought in. While not every storm is going to set records and bring down trees, it is important for a commercial landscape company to survey the area for large remains. Heavy snow and winds do have the potential to break limbs off trees, pull shrubs out of the ground, and collect just about any kind of garbage. These large pieces of debris can affect not only the aesthetics and appearance of a commercial space’s landscape it can also be detrimental to its health.

Landscape maintenance and repair contracts can offer snow removal services

Not all landscape maintenance and repair companies offer snow and ice removal services. Be sure to check in with your contracted landscape maintenance company to see their terms and services. But it is important to remember that proper snow and ice removal is key after every winter storm. If your commercial space has unique elevations and drainage points, you may need to strategically remove snow from the landscape so that it can survive until Spring. Snow that can hide from the sun due to being shadowed all day can suffocate your landscape requiring more costly repairs and replacements.

New Year New Landscape Maintenance Contracts

If you have found the need for a landscape maintenance and repair company, make sure to reach out and receive estimates this winter. Wintertime is the best window of opportunity for a company or business to guarantee their landscape’s health in the upcoming season. Vista Landscape Development and many other landscape maintenance companies often report scheduling issues for commercial spaces that do not lock in a contract before springtime. For more information on what Vista Landscape Development can do for your commercial space’s landscape maintenance and repair - reach out via phone or email.

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