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Denver Weekend Cold Front Incoming, Are You Ready For a Snowy Landscape?

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As the weekend approaches, the likelihood of Denver experiencing its first snow of the season is increasing, and the expected low temperatures are steadily dropping.

A cold front is set to sweep through the state over the weekend, bringing with it frigid temperatures in the teens and marking Denver's first full day below freezing this season. This front is also expected to usher in the season's inaugural snowfall, which means your property can be sporting a snowy landscape, but the exact amount Denver can expect remains uncertain.

Meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Boulder report that the snowfall potential for this weekend is still somewhat uncertain. However, most areas across the plains, including Denver, could see between one and three inches of snow throughout the weekend. In localized regions, there's a possibility of up to six inches of snow.

The likelihood of snow on Saturday night has also increased to approximately 80%.

Saturday's high temperature is anticipated to reach just 35 degrees, with a 60% chance of snow after 10 a.m. As the evening progresses and the chances of snow intensify, temperatures will plummet to a low of 20 degrees.

Sunday, on the other hand, carries a somewhat lower chance of snow, around 30% before noon. Nevertheless, temperatures are expected to remain below freezing all day, with a high of only 29 degrees. Skies will clear in the afternoon, but Sunday night is projected to be the coldest part of the weekend, with a low of 14 degrees.

Following Sunday, temperatures will gradually rise, reaching the 40s on Monday and Halloween Tuesday, and climbing into the 50s by Wednesday.

Below Freezing Means Sprinkler Blowout Service

Because of the cold front that is moving in quickly towards Denver, homeowners and business owners alike should ensure that their sprinkler and irrigation systems are prepped and ready for freezing temperatures. Make sure to drain and turn off your sprinkler systems to prevent damage to the irrigation lines from freezing water. Failure to do so might result in lines and pipes bursting! Typically, property owners call in a service for sprinkler and irrigation system blowouts before their green grass turns into a snowy landscape. This service uses blasts of air to clear out the pipes, lines, and sprinkler heads of excess moisture that might be residing in the system. If it is already too late to schedule a service, fear not, make sure the system is off. And next season have Vista Landscape Development inspect your irrigation system for any breaks or leaks. Our landscaping team has experts in replacing and improving sprinkler systems and irrigation.

Protect your plants and trees

Fall season here in Denver often passes by swiftly, which can catch a lot of home landscapes and business green spaces off guard. Many plants, shrubs, and trees were still being enjoyed during the crisp cool days. To make sure these plants last as long as possible and continue to thrive after the winter season comes, make sure to protect them. If plants experience a sudden flash freeze while they are still preparing to go into hibernation, they will not survive something like Denver’s predicted winter storm this weekend. Start by adding a healthy layer of mulch around the base of trees and shrubs. The extra material will help provide a better insulating layer to protect roots from being frozen. This can also be done to flower beds.

If you have potted plants, be sure to move them indoors or out of the way of elements to help them. If plants and flowers cannot be moved, a simple lightweight tarp or covering. Delicate and sensitive plants that can't tolerate freezing temperatures will benefit from frost clothes and even blankets. Just make sure to secure those coverings down so they do not blow away.

Preparation now will ensure your snowy landscape will return as a green one

Taking the time to prepare your landscape for the colder months will help save costs in both maintenance and repair. Sprinkler lines that become damaged will be expensive to fix and could even cause more serious problems that lead to flooding inside your property! Not protecting your trees and plants before they go into hibernation will leave them open to the possibility of freezing and dying! With the increased likeliness of a snowy landscape this weekend, be sure to inspect and make the necessary preparations. For more information and available services, reach out to Vista Landscape Development for all of your landscape construction needs.

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