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What is Commercial Landscaping?

A commercial landscape is a natural extension of a property's design and functionality, and it can be used to create an aesthetic that reflects a company's values and personality. There are a variety of steps that property managers and owners can take to achieve these results. The first and most important step is finding and establishing a contract with a reputable commercial landscape maintenance company.

Commercial Landscaping Is Important

The first impression that your customers and employees have of your property is your landscape design. An unattractive and poorly maintained landscape can make a negative impact on their perception of your company. On the other hand, an attractive landscape can have a positive impact on your potential clients and increase the value of your property. It can also help improve the productivity of your employees and make your facility stand out from the crowd. Not to mention there are zoning and community standards that might be upheld in certain areas, which will require the proper commercial landscaping maintenance to be carried out at all times.

What does a commercial landscape company do?

A commercial landscape maintenance company will create a vision that fits your property, and then draft a plan that will be reviewed by city officials, and once it is approved installation will begin. An important thing to remember is that commercial landscaping companies are not just laying down sod and planting flowers to superficial improve the Streetview. They are carefully designing a landscape that can thrive on your company’s property while meeting your budget for annual upkeep and care. Even more, commercial landscape design requires certain criteria to seamlessly work with utilities of the property like storm and drainage. A commercial landscape design company can work with new construction and land developers as well to bring a product to a brand-new property.

A good commercial landscape maintenance company looks past the green

After the landscaping has been designed, approved, and installed it will be time to start maintenance. A commercial landscape maintenance company will include all aspects of landscape management, such as tree care, planting, and trimming. Depending on the season, these activities may change. For when the colder months come in, the irrigation system will need to be inspected and shut off (also performing a sprinkler blow-out).

various factors that affect the development and maintenance of the landscape. For instance, the season length, rainfall, soil types, and temperature ranges can vary significantly in different regions. As seasons change, certain flowers and plants may need to be removed and or replaced. You can also discuss the possibility of amending the soil in your area with a professional commercial landscape designer. Native plants are usually more resistant to environmental threats than non-native ones. Ultimately, a commercial landscape company will ensure that the health and aesthetics of the property are immaculate.

Sustainability is a key factor

A commercial landscape maintenance company works with nature so it should operate as a caretaker of the environment. Proper handling of green waste, proper irrigation, and the use of fertilizers and chemicals are some of the Best Management Practices that can help minimize the impact of your facility on the environment. As more companies become concerned about the protection of the environment, it's important that they adopt sustainable practices. One of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to choosing the right plants for your commercial landscape is the location. Sustainable practices might also translate into more efficiency in resources being expended to upkeep your property.

Landscaping is an investment

Commercial landscape maintenance can be a long-term investment that can be very cost-effective. It should be done right, and it should include various activities such as lawn maintenance, fertilization, and pest and weed control. Besides these, other activities such as tree trimming and shrub and tree care can also be carried out. Your annual budget should reflect a portion of the total investment.

For more information about commercial landscape maintenance, reach out to Vista Landscape Development.

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