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Choosing the Right Landscape Maintenance Company

Licensed and Insured

One of the initial requirements any commercial property management or HOA should research is if their Landscape maintenance Company is licensed and insured. The overall reason for this is to make sure that any incident or complication does not incur additional costs to the property. Vista Landscape Development is happy to provide all the necessary information to make a client’s research in choosing the right landscape maintenance company easier.

Confirm Commercial Landscape Services

Every property is unique and when negotiating a new commercial landscape maintenance contract it is important to confirm what services are needed. Even more important, make sure that the landscape maintenance company is able to provide all the services needed. Not every company has the equipment or personnel to do everything under the sun in the name of landscaping. A full-service landscape company should offer irrigation services, lawn care, plant care, hardscaping, water features, arboreal services, aeration, and fertilization.

Ask about their landscaping approach

A landscaper should look at a property’s long-term goals, while the grass may grow quickly along with seasonal flower beds; trees, shrubs, and hardscapes change over a very long period of time. During the site visit or consultation, ask how the landscape maintenance company will address the growth and care of trees or shrubs that are on the lot. In addition, see if they will inspect any sidewalks or hardscapes to confirm they are in good condition. This is especially true if a newly constructed property is in the starting stages of growing a gorgeous landscape feature. Choosing the right landscape maintenance company will ensure that the vision comes to fruition.

Communication is key

In any partnership the key to success is communication. Your landscape maintenance company should maintain regular communication and provide ongoing recommendations to ensure the quality of service remains consistent and that all needs are met. At the very minimum, your landscape company should be responsive when unexpected requests arise. There can be nothing more frustrating than a downed tree or destroyed hedge that needs attention only to be continuously ignored by a landscaper. Vista Landscape Development, won’t simply perform the bare minimum - their team will field requests and handle them accordingly. If requests are above the normal service agreement, they will provide options as to how to proceed.

Choose a local landscaping company

It's lovely to support local businesses, it's essential to the community and helps enrich neighborhoods. But when we apply this to landscaping companies, we mean to choose your nearest landscaping company first. Of course, don’t just blindly follow the gardener from down the block, properly vetting and reviewing landscape companies that have a proven track record is still vital. We encourage you to select closer landscapers because it is most likely to yield a better quality service in the long run.

Landscape management companies are only able to service a select number of landscape management contracts per season. These contracts are in fact carefully reviewed in regard to a property’s services needs, landscape size, and more importantly its relative location to the rest of the landscape management company’s service route.

By having a nearby landscaper service your property lot, you are more likely to receive the proper time and attention. As opposed to being on the opposite side of town where other factors start to compound on the quality and timeliness of your services (ie. traffic and etc.) It comes down to a matter of volume and capacity for a landscaping service. If a landscaper is already at the maximum capacity of contracts it can handle, taking on an additional property that is outside of its service area sets a high expectation. Vista Landscape Development has seen other properties suffer from this scenario. The commercial landscape property often gets the bare minimum services of hasty mowing and casual leaf blowing. Every property is unique, and as such, every property should receive a carefully examined commercial landscape contract that is tailored to them.

Vista Landscape Development will provide a free consultation and site visit at your commercial property. Walk the area and identify the unique needs of the landscape. This includes observing the lawn’s square footage, weed control needs, pest control needs, plant and trees, walkways, trash receptacles, and other arboreal tasks. Once that is done, a custom commercial landscape contract will be prepared where clients can negotiate what services they would like. From aeration and fertilization to watering and sprinkler maintenance - Vista Landscape Development is able to care for the entire property’s landscape.

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