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Commercial Landscaping Design Trends

Vista Landscape Development Commercial Landscaping Design Trends  Westminster

In the realm of design, commercial landscaping follows trends just like any other field. Staying up-to-date and creating an appealing outdoor space can significantly impact the image of your business. A visually pleasing and inviting environment can also attract new customers. As we enter a new year, it's an opportune time to explore landscaping trends that can revitalize or transform your property, regardless of your budget. Here are some popular commercial landscaping trends for 2023:

Accentuate Your Building with Plants

  1. While commercial landscaping often focuses on the areas surrounding the building, the structure itself is often overlooked. Using plants to highlight your building's features and fill in unused spaces is an easy way to incorporate it into your landscape design. Large planters framing entrances, planter boxes on windows, balconies, or handrails, and vertical gardens on empty walls are all great ways to give your building a fresh look.

Commercial Landscaping Includes Your Hardscapes

  1. Although they serve a functional purpose, parking lots and walkways can benefit from an aesthetic makeover too. Since they often experience high foot traffic, upgrading these areas can provide a significant return on investment. Consider creating shade for sun-baked parking lots with trees or shades, lining walkways and the building exterior with shrubs or planters, and using large planters or shrubs as dividers for added privacy.

Functional Landscaping Principles

  1. Investing in designing outdoor spaces that customers, patrons, and employees can enjoy is one of the most effective commercial landscaping strategies. Placemaking involves designing public spaces with people in mind, considering sociability, the range of activities the space can accommodate, comfort and image, and accessibility. By implementing these principles, you can create public spaces that draw people toward your property and create a welcoming environment for them.

Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Practices

  1. Sustainability has become a significant trend in landscaping, with a focus on water conservation due to drought conditions in some regions. Smart sprinkler systems that maximize water savings have become increasingly popular, as have green roofs, which provide numerous benefits, including reduced heating and AC costs, cleaner air, reduced ambient noise, and increased biodiversity.

Transform Your Property with Xeriscaping

  1. Xeriscaping is a popular trend in dry climates, with the main goal of designing a landscape that requires little or no irrigation. This design concept involves using native plants that are well-suited to your environment, limiting turf areas, and effective planning and design, resulting in reduced water consumption, increased biodiversity, and less maintenance, fertilization, and pest control.

Vista Landscape Development Now Accepting Commercial Landscaping Contracts for 2023

Spring is just around the corner which means commercial property management companies, HOAs, and property managers will need to consider the maintenance of their landscape for 2023. Vista Landscape Development is now accepting new Commercial Landscaping Contracts for 2023 in the areas of Denver, Westminster, Thornton, Lakewood, and Littleton. Vista will provide a free consultation complete with a site visit and discussion about a property's specific needs. Don’t wait until the warmer seasons are here, reach out to Vista today!

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