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Denver Hardscaping in Landscaping

Hardscape is a versatile category that encompasses a wide range of ornamental or functional structures in a landscape, such as fences, benches, or driveways. As a fundamental aspect of landscape design, hardscaping imparts structure and order to natural elements and features. As the warmer seasons approach, homeowners and commercial property managers will want to consider updating their concrete walkways and patios or lack of. Projects of this nature often are time-sensitive as the warmer weather is the best opportunity for a proper installation of concrete patios and hardscapes.

Hardscape encompasses all the inanimate features of landscaping, such as a brick patio, stone wall, or wooden arbor. It constitutes one of the two primary branches of landscaping, the other being softscape. The latter pertains to all the living and organic components in a garden or on a lawn, such as trees, flowers, and grass.

Hardscapes in Commercial Landscaping

Hardscape components can serve the purpose of defining the intended purpose of a space, such as with concrete patios or walls to define the appropriate use of a space. Alternatively, they can guide visitors through distinct areas of softscaping, like a gravel path or pavers meandering through a grassy expanse and culminating in a hidden garden. In commercial landscaping, the use of hardscaping helps to both restrict, direct, and enrich an area by displaying design cues with a purpose. There are numerous ways to leverage hardscaping features to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your commercial property or residential home. Some of the more common materials used for hardscaping in commercial landscaping are:

  • Retaining Walls

  • Concrete Patios

  • Brick Patios

  • Flagstone Patios

  • Tile Patios

  • Stone Walkways

  • Flagstone Pavers

  • Stone landscape steps

  • Metal fences

  • Wooden fences

  • Wooden decks

  • Woden arbors and gazebos

  • Pergolas

Vista Landscape Development Offers Hardscaping Consultations

The process of installing hardscaping can be incredibly laborious. Even in optimal weather conditions, these undertakings can prove to be physically demanding. As a result, most homeowners and commercial properties opt to carry out such projects during favorable weather conditions - typically in spring or fall, or during milder summer seasons. That can make it difficult to get a project of that scope on the schedule in time. Vista Landscape Development offers free consultations and estimates for hardscaping in commercial landscaping and residential landscaping. For more information about design and construction, reach out to us today!

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