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Landscape Development Company Plant Favorites For Denver

Colorado is home to bountiful beauty from its tall mountains to its widespread plains. But the climate can be a tricky one to live in, especially for some plants. However, some landscape development companies were asked their opinion on the matter. More specifically, what type of plant has been their favorite pick to install in any landscape development project in Denver. And here is what they choose.

Gro-Low Sumac

The gro-low sumac is a landscape development company gem in the garden. It boasts very pretty dark green foliage during the summertime, which is a welcome addition to any browning lawn. During the Fall, those leaves can change in color to a vibrant red which creates a dynamic landscape addition throughout the entire year. Added perks of this landscape development company choice plant are:

  • Low maintenance for trimming

  • Frost-proof

  • Does not attract pests

Dwarf Burning Bush

The dwarf burning bush is a beautiful addition to any landscape and especially for a Denver home. These plants have thick foliage that is green throughout the Spring and Summertime. But during the colder months of Fall, we get to see where its name originates. The leaves of the Dwarf Burning Bush will turn a bright red that is striking against any landscape design. This is a full-sun perennial which makes care easy in the Colorado environment. Some other notes as to why this is a landscape development company’s favorite are:

  • Low maintenance

  • Pest-resistant

  • Attracts birds, pollinators, and wildlife

  • Drought resistant


Another landscape development company favorite is the Bluebeard or Caryopteris x clandonensis. It is a small shrub that grows from 2-3 feet in height and 2-3 feet in spread bearing glossy green leave. In the summer, the Bluebeard will produce delicate powder blue flowers. The blooms attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Another benefit of the Bluebeard in the Summer is that it is a heat-loving plant giving homeowners a low-maintenance and beautiful plant.

  • Low-maintenance

  • Long blooming

  • Attracts pollinators

  • Full-sun plant

Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass

This particular plant is a favorite for Vista Landscape Development as well as a few other landscape Development Companies. The Blonde Ambition Blue Gramma Grass is a hybrid of Colorado’s own grass. When used as ornamental grass the horizontal eyelash-like flowers create a feathery texture in the landscape design and will change color to a bright golden hue. Like most grass, this plant likes the sun and will grow quite quickly.

  • Easy to grow

  • Attracts birds

  • Low maintenance

How should your landscape design be?

Coming up with the perfect landscape design can be time-consuming and tricky if you do not know where to start. Every landscape development company has its own preferences and go-to plants used for installation. The best method is to source a few different landscape development companies like Vista to get an idea of what they believe will achieve your desired aesthetic, maintenance requirements, and curb appeal.

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